• Luggage

  • Can I take a laptop, ipod, or ipad or Kindle on-board with me?

    This type of equipment is now allowed on aircraft, but you can only use it once the aircraft is airborne. You may be asked to demonstrate it as you clear Security.Please also note that if your equipment has phone capability (including data connections), as, for example with smartphones, ipads, tablet computers, portable games consoles and many eReaders, these need to be switched to flight mode or switched off completely if this is not possible.

  • How should I pack my wedding dress or suit?

    You are welcome to take your wedding dress or wedding suit onboard our partner flights in addition to your hand luggage. Flight crew will, where space permits, hang your dress or suit for you but on some flights the wardrobe space is very limited and we cannot guarantee this. Please pack your dress in a box or bag so that when the crew can’t find space to hang it, it can be safely stowed. With any wedding suits, please make sure they are packed in a soft suit carrier. If you prefer not to carry it and would like to check it in, please pack your dress or suit into a separate suitcase and mark the suitcase as ‘fragile wedding garments’. Where possible the items should be packed into a plastic bag for extra protection. Please note that if the separate suitcase is outside of your baggage allowance you will need to purchase additional baggage. If you are flying with a different airline, please contact them directly.

  • Can I take my asthma inhaler on board?

    Yes, an asthma inhaler can be taken on board the flight with you.